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Human Powered Audio Annotation Service

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Audio Annotation Service

With expertise in US and British accent and in-house developed audio enhancement tools for noise removal and speech enhancement, we will your perfect partners for audio transcriptions.

  • Speech to text transcription

  • Metadata attribution to audio data such as gender, audio quality

  • Sentiment analysis, labeling and satisfaction measurement for support calls

  • Human - Bot interaction, Human - Human interaction audio data generation

Gain most out of AI

Audio Annotation generates high quality & ready-to-use datasets which enable AI/ ML Models to generate deeper insights.

Expert Workforce

Our pool of experts who are proficient in data annotation and labeling can procure accurate and effectively annotated datasets.

High Accuracy

Get the best in class quality services with highest accuracy level delivering an excellence in data annotation through multiple stages of auditing and reviewing of labeled data.

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We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We understand that data plays crucial role in developing cutting edge AI algorithms. We take great pride in hiring the best annotators, as well train them in respective domains. Our annotators have worked closely with AI researchers and have annotated more than 100s of thousand data in “Natural language processing”, “Image”, “Video” and “Audio” annotations. A poorly annotated data costs both time, money resulting in wasted effort, hence we ensure that researchers get the best value for money by annotating right the first time and we also ensure that annotation is of highest quality through quality review at various stages during annotations. Some of the salient features of our annotators can be described as,

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