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Virtual Admin

We Create Amazing Digital Experience For your Businesses 

Our Virtual Admin team can support a vast array of your administrative tasks with any duties and process.

We handpick the smartest and most proficient administrative assistants, send train them and then assign them to different companies to increase their administrative resources. We can handle your day-to-day tasks with very little involvement from you. We work on flexible timing & monthly contracts. Our virtual admins can help support your existing team with any time-consuming tasks.

Sign up today to free up your time by off-loading any task to your new Virtual Admin Assistant.

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What We Do



Lead Prospecting

email and Chat Support

Front Office

Virtual Receptionists - to answer your calls. We can transfer calls, follow up with contacts, and manage your calendar in real-time

Scheduling - Our Admin will manage your Calendar, schedule and appointments

Client Services - We will respond to emails and inquiries, follow up with past clients and provide additional support where required.

Back Office

Documents Have your proposals, spreadsheets, blogs, and documents proofread and enhanced. Delegated will ensure that your materials are accurate, relevant, and beautiful.‍

Research. We will compile a list of contacts, conduct a competitive analysis, compile a list of relevant articles, research vendor quotes, and much more. 

Strategy Need ideas, we have got them. Share your company or personal objectives and Delegated will generate a plan and proposal to help get you there.

Everything Else

Personal support Delegated provides a wide array of support for growth across business, personal, health and family needs.

Travel. Delegated combines the flexibility and global executive concierge services of a travel agency with Internet- competitive fares and rates.

Growth From recipes, to workout routines, family trip ideas to the perfect engagement proposal, we've got you covered. Delegated can provide you with the guidance, support, and care to keep your professional and personal life in balance.

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