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Medical Scribing - Why Virtual Medical Scribe

Scribes are part of the clinician's care team. They are in constant contact with the clinician and can see and hear everything that the clinician experiences over the course of a day. Scribes are integral in capturing the narrative of every patient visit.  

Image by Bill Oxford

What is a Scribe?

  • 1. Medical Scribes Reduce Administrative Burden
    The National Academy of Medicine estimates that US healthcare organizations spend two times more than necessary on administrative duties.

    With a medical virtual scribe, you can slash excess administrative workload at your facility. A virtual scribe will do all the digital charting for you, freeing up physicians and other providers to do what they do best care for patients.

    2. Virtual Scribes Are Less Intrusive
    Unlike regular scribes, virtual medical scribes don't have to be in the room with you. You connect to the HIPAA-complaint virtual scribing software with the click of a button. Then, the virtual scribe can listen in on the visit.

    Not having the scribe in the room during the visit maintains patient privacy, which can help physicians build trust. This, in turn, improves the overall patient experience.

    3. Medical Scribes Allow Physicians to See More Patients
    Studies show that hiring a medical scribe can help you increase patients seen per hour by up to 25%.

    Medical scribes take care of data reporting and coding tasks traditionally performed by the physician. That way, providers can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time with patients.

    4. Virtual Scribes Cut Costs
    It's estimated that US hospitals spend an excess of $248 billion per year on administrative tasks. Meanwhile, hospitals that employ an in-house medical scribe save over $30 per hour.

    A virtual scribe can help you cut even more costs. That's because these remote workers don't need office space or equipment. Plus, because virtual scribes are experienced professionals, you won't have to train them.

    5. Medical Scribes Reduce Provider Burnout
    42% of physicians say they're burnt out. And 55% of burnt-out doctors say it's because they spend too much time on paperwork.

    With a medical scribe, physicians don't have to work late to file digital paperwork. That means more freedom, a better work-life balance, and higher overall job satisfaction.

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